My Goals for the Year


This is my first webpage.


HTML5 Logo
An example of HMTL5 code

<hl>Hello World!</h1>

My Daily Schedule

Let me tell you more:

  1. I learn more every day
  2. I set time aside every day
  3. Soon I will master this with the help of MDN

My Daily Schedule
  Time Activity
Morning - Write Code
Break - Eat Lunch
Afternoon - Study for Other Course
Evening All Other Times Free Time
Night Sleep
And that is what I do 5 days a week. Eat, sleep, code.

Planning for my offical website

All this knowledge will come in handy

Soon I will share with the World

I can not wait to launch

  • Hard work pays off

    sucessful man at computer
    Man sitting at computer, one fist in air sucessfully
  • One day I will live here on a big family land

    Sierra Leone
    Sierra Leone flag waving
    Sierra Leone flag waving on flag pole

Places that are cold

North Pole
I hear this is cold!
South Pole
This is also cold!
Mountain Tops
VERY cold!!

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